MBO Overview

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The DCA Corporate brochure “A Guide to MBOs” provides background on management buy-outs, how to spot an MBO opportunity, and outlines a typical buy-out process.

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Creating Opportunities

The average age of UK business owners has been rising year on year over the past decade. Most of these owners have not considered succession planning nor do they have an exit strategy in place.

Often there is a strong operational management team, the businesses are profitable but neither the owner nor the senior employees within the company have contemplated the possibility of an MBO.

DCA Corporate has a wealth of experience working with both business owners and management teams in valuing a business, structuring deals, raising capital to fund the transaction, and orchestrating the necessary financial and legal due diligence required to complete the deal.

Further useful information on factors that contribute to a failed MBO, protecting an MBO from going wrong and illustrative examples of successful MBOs undertaken by DCA Corporate are available upon request.